Podcast S8E29 – TechJunction 2016 Tucson Recap, Job Automation + More

TechJunction 2016 Tucson recap, the impending automation of your job, are your devices listening you? Plus your questions and more!

Podcast S8E28 – We launch the Hacksmith’s new website, talk about some cool VR news, take your questions, and much more!

This week we’re excited to announce the launch of the Hacksmith‘s new website! For those not familiar, here is the Hacksmith in his own words:

Podcast S8E27 – A Nigerian Astronaut needs your help (money), Hospitals in Germany are getting hit with ransomware, and Google Fiber takes a new approach

This week on the Computer Guru Show, Mike and Tara talk about Google Fiber’s new plan to tap into existing fiber lines (and allow competition), more hospitals (this time in Germany) getting attacked with ransomware, and a Nigerian Astronaut who has been in space for 14 years and needs your money to get home (just […]

Podcast S8E26 – A hospital finds out the hard way why HIPPA compliance is kind of a big deal, Popcorn Time is back (again), Kanye West continues to be insane, and much more!

Mike and crew talk about the repercussions of hospitals not being HIPPA compliant in a tech-driven world, Popcorn Time’s latest comeback, Kanye West’s latest insanity, and much more on this week’s episode of the Computer Guru show.

Podcast S8E25 – A Guru rarely deals in absolutes, but it’s time to take a stand for encryption: you’re either for it, or you’re wrong. Mike rants about that and more!

The battle against encryption is starting to get ridiculous, and it’s time to take a stand. You’re either for strong encryption, or you’re wrong. This week, Mike explores that idea as well as answers your questions and talks tech news with Tara.

Podcast S8E24 – Callers gonna call, Self driving cars without steering wheels (gasp!), the $35k Tesla, and more!

Mike, the crew, and Tara talk about all sorts of cool stuff (and even some interesting things) on this week’s episode. Google’s trying to get legislation passed that will allow self-driving cars to operate without a steering wheel or pedals (which is awesome), the new Tesla which will only cost $35,000, and much more. As […]

Podcast S8E23 – Mike and crew talk Google Fiber & internet speed in general, why the crew’s an Elon Musk fanboy, how much time is wasted on Facebook annually, and more!

Mike and crew discuss how Google is planning on hooking up free Fiber internet for thousands of housing projects around the country, the insane statistics of how much time is wasted on Facebook each year, the crew’s (well-founded) opinion that Elon Musk is the last true dreamer, and much more!

Podcast S8E22 – Newegg trolls the patent troll, Broadband gets redefined (but is still stupid), plus your calls and much more!

Mike and Tara talk Newegg’s recent ownage of an annoying patent troll, the stupidity of how internet speeds are classified in the US, Google Fiber, and more. Mike also takes your calls and answers your questions!

Podcast S8E21 – Howard joins Mike in the studio to talk about the latest in tech as well as to work on his social anxiety

Mike, Howard, and Tara talk about the latest in tech news, as well as why your passwords shouldn’t be “123456” (or any sequential string of characters, for that matter). They also take your calls and answer your tech questions live on air!

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