Podcast S8E38 – Frivolous Copyright Lawsuits, Misunderstandings About The Cloud, WTFU & More

This week, the Guru goes on the warpath over frivolous copyright lawsuits, lawmakers who just don’t understand what “the cloud” is (and isn’t), “Where’s the Fair Use?”, and more. He’s fired up, he’s angry, and heads will roll.

Podcast S8E37 – Lyft gets ready to test self driving cars, IBM takes aim at all viruses

On this week’s episode of the Computer Guru Show, Mike, Tara & the crew discuss IBM’s new macromolecule which could prevent all viruses in one shot, Lyft’s plan to partner with GM for self-driving car test in the coming year, the recent Hyperloop test, and more. Plus, the Guru takes your questions and offers solutions […]

Podcast S8E36 – Use Tor? The FBI wants to search your computer. Also, Apple hates your grammar

On this week’s episode of the Computer Guru Show, the crew fills in for Tara who is out sick. Mike and crew discuss the impending attempt by the US Government to make Tor usage grounds for the FBI to search your computer, as well as an Apple exec’s strange Twitter rant about how we’re all […]

Podcast S8E35 – LHC shut down by weasel death, Google wants to inject technology into your eyes

On this week’s episode of the Computer Guru Show, Mike, the crew and Tara discuss Intel’s withdrawal from the tablet and phone market by cutting the Atom processor, Google’s plan to patent a device which will be injected into the eyeball, a weasel which shut down the Large Hadron Collider, and more!

Podcast S8E34 – Hackers steal $56m, is your smart TV watching you?

On this week’s episode, Mike and Tara talk about a Chinese gamer who died while unplugging a cell phone charger in an internet cafe, a bank in Bangladesh which was robbed of $56 million by hackers who bypassed the bank’s $10 router, Vizio Smart TVs which may be watching you, and more!

Podcast S8E33 – Flyboard, Brave Browser, Law Precedents for encryption & data access

On this week’s episode, Mike and crew discuss a new type of “hoverboard” which can go 90+ mph and up to 10,000 feet in the air, a browser which lets you replace ads with ones you get paid to see or block them entirely, and the idea that the precedents we’re seeing set in the […]

Podcast S8E32 – Tesla Accused of hubris, that flash drive you found might be dangerous

On this week’s episode of the Computer Guru Show, Mike, the crew and Tara talk Tesla, SpaceX, Elon Musk in general, and also discuss the dangers of flash drives you find laying on the ground (hint: hackers gonna hack).

Podcast S8E31 – California VS Comcast, FBI Breaks Into iPhone + More

This week on the Computer Guru Show, Mike and Tara talk about a new law California is considering which would make ISPs like Comcast include an option for subscribers to cancel via their website, the FBI’s recent success in breaking into the iPhone, parental controls for Android phones and tablets, and much more.

Podcast S8E30 – Stop being d-bags, Government!

This week Mike, the crew and Tara talk about the raging encryption war between the US government and Apple. Should the government be allowed backdoor access into our devices, or is personal privacy more important?

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