TuneIn Radio / Sponsorship

It has come to our attention that the Podcasts on TuneIn are actually the Pet Vet Show from 104.1.  We’ve sent a request to TuneIn to have that resolved, and get the show info updated to reflect the new home of The Computer Guru Radio Show.

In the meantime, I’ll be reposting the podcasts of which I have copies.  KQTH still has not released my older podcasts, so I can’t get those online yet.  As news becomes available, I’ll be sure to update.

Also we’re looking for sponsors for the new show.  If you know anyone that would like to benefit from advertising with me on The Show, let me know, or give them my information.  Rates are considerably more affordable than in the past, and with the addition of both the radio audience and the upcoming internet audience as well, you’ll be in a great position to reach the masses.

Thanks again to everyone that helped get the show back on the air, I really appreciate it.

Mike Swanson

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