Trivia Tuesday – Earth Day and Landfills

Today’s Earth Day! So what better time than to address a certain legend that involves a landfill.

This comes out of the gaming corner, with a legend that has been passed on for years, and has even spurred the excavation of a landfill that will be documented on film, as well as a fictional movie from the Angry Video Game Nerd, whose “kryptonite” is a certain terrible video game on the Atari. (A note of caution – if you haven’t seen the AVGN Youtube videos, he tends to use LOTS of NSFW [Not Safe For Work] language and content to describe the terrible classic games he reviews, in a very amusing way.)

And it’s all because of E.T. 



That’s right. According to legend, there is a landfill in New Mexico where Atari buried MILLIONS of unsold copies of the game ‘E.T.’, because it was that terrible.


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