Trivia Tuesday 03/25/14 – The Speed of Light

Today we’re not going to toss out a question and have you answer. This time, we’re just going to increase your knowledge with a little demonstration video on the speed of light.

It’s hard to discern what the speed of light really is, just like it’s hard to contemplate exactly how much a billion dollars would be in single dollar bills. Our brains just can’t really keep up with that amount of data. So, leave it to a guy and a video game to break it down into layman’s terms for us.


Using a video game to present data in a different way isn’t a new concept, but this video is well done. Knock on ‘Minecraft’ all you want, but it’s a pretty perfect forum to test out theories and whatnot. Because of its… squareness… the rules in the physics engine are pretty cut and dry. I’ve seen people create a plethora of things in game, including entire scores of music, and recreations of other video games. However, I think this video ranks up in my favorites. It’s very helpful to break down some of that information that’s hard to wrap your head around in a game with such simple graphics. Kudos to Youtuber spumwack for the awesome video, and helping us get just a tad bit smarter.

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