What a Girl Wants – Our top 5 Smart Jewelry picks

Looking for a gift for that special someone that will truly wow her? Smart jewelry is one of the newest trends in wearable tech, and although many of our favorite pics are still in the development stage, these nifty devices are more than just useful; they’re stylish. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite items in smart jewelry. Check these out for a gift idea that will truly impress:

5. Ringly

Ringly is, you guessed it, a ring. But not just any ring, this one puts technology at your fingertips. Synced to your smart phone, this cocktail style ring notifies your through a series of discreet vibrations and lights that you’re getting a call, a text, or that you have a reminder on your calendar. The handy technology in this multi-faceted (see what we did there?) allows the wearer to keep their phone stashed and their hands free. You can even set it to have specific notifications, for example, it can vibrate three times when your mom calls you and vibrate once when Jane Doe sends a text. Plus, it comes in five stylish colors to choose from. With this ring, you can put your phone away and still never miss a call. Enjoy the moment.

4. Cuff

Cuff is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry on our list, and not just because it comes in a huge range of styles. You can get this item in the form of an elegant pendant, a leather cuff, or a contemporary bracelet. The list of style choices is ever expanding. It works similarly to Ringly in that it notifies you through vibration when you get a call or text, but can also work with fitness apps to track your activity and calories. But its most useful application might be the emergency response feature. If the wearer finds themselves in danger, they can tap Cuff to activate at emergency alert to selected emergency contacts. The contacts are immediately notified that the wearer is in danger, gives their exact location, and records everything that’s happening. Keeping the wearer safe and stylish? Talk about versatile.

3. The Guardian Angel

Sleek and silver, worn as a pendant or cuff, who would think something so innocuous could be so powerful? The Guardian Angel is a nifty necklace that has to distinct features. If on a date, or in a situation that becomes uncomfortable, the wearer can simply tap the jewelry and it will send a fake phone call to the wearers phone. This could be handy in a number of situations, but could also potentially stop an uncomfortable scenario from becoming a dangerous one. If the fake phone call doesn’t work, and things get hairy, a second tap alerts a pre-selected emergency contact of the danger and gives the wearer’s GPS location. We love the sleek look of this item, but we love the purpose even more. Smart jewelry, indeed.

2. June

This nifty cuff bracelet has one goal: to stop aging. Well, to stop the primary cause of aging: UV. You see, June’s multifaceted design isn’t just pretty to look at, it allows the device to accurately read the how much UV light the wearer is exposed to and make recommendations accordingly. It’s customized to know the wearer’s skin conditions and complexion to take these into account. For those among us who are extremely photosensitive (the ginger kids, y’all), this tech is heaven sent. By following June’s recommendations, you can fight wrinkles and signs of aging, as well as a more deadly consequence of UV: skin cancer.

1. The Momento Pearl

Get ready to win at romance, because jewelry just doesn’t get much sweeter than this: The Momento Pearl. This is smart jewelry that holds special meaning, and a special message for the wearer. The pearl in this item contains a chip, that will hold a special recording. It can be anything from, “I love you,” to “will you marry me?” That recording is preserved forever in a piece of jewelry and can be played by simply tapping the pearl to a smartphone. Imagine preserving your baby’s laughter, or a message of eternal love before a long separation. Jewelry is often a memento with significant meaning to the wearer; that meaning becomes even more special with Momento Pearl’s recordable memory. There’s a wide variety of different pearl jewelry to choose from, including different styles and colors. Right now, this tech is limited to pearls, but the gunmetal colored, handcarved pearls in the collection definitely have a modern, stylish feel. Another piece, called The Beauty Inside, is a hand carved Tahitian pearl that includes a gemstone grown inside is a true showstopper in the collection. Forget about saying it with diamonds; say it literally, with the Momento Pearl.

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