The same thing we do every week, Pinky…

This show started as a fit of rage.  Many people are surprised to hear that, but it’s true.  I was driving around listening to another technology show — which consistently gave the wrong answers…  and I lost my mind.  I drove over to the nearest radio station that had a talk format, and pitched my idea for a new type of computer and technology show.  The Program Director was onboard, and a month later, the show was on-air.  It was a terrible episode…

So here we are, now into our 6th year.  Now it’s time to take over the world.  The goal has always been to find a way to syndicate, or provide technology in an educational and humorous manner to the masses.  Over the years I’ve listened to so many other shows, and I’m convinced that other markets need this show.

This is where I need you, my listeners.  We need to get the show in front of program directors everywhere, and build some numbers on the streaming sites.  Basically I need to be able to show the actual size of my audience, and build upon it.  I know GuruShow 2.0 is a little rough around the edges right now, but with your feedback and the support of many generous people, we’ll get polished up again.  It took many months to get the show where I liked it the first time around, I’m hoping to pull this off in a few weeks this time. And then I would like to politely take over the world, or something similar…  So share this, call program directors everywhere and tell them you’d like to have the Computer Guru Show on in your city.  Getting more PDs to HEAR the show via Tunein, iTunes, and this site will help.  Being able to show my traffic logs to syndicators and PDs will be what they need to know that I’m serious about this, and you’re serious about me.

The show is re-registered with iTunes and TuneIn, and this site is coming alone.  So give me your feedback, help me to make the show better, and make the show a bigger thing than it is now.  I want to be on 250 stations soon, because this hobby needs to be something that both helps more and more people, and helps me afford Ramen by the case.

Here are the links for the various outlets:


As these grow, the list will be edited.

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