Video Editing Software – Software Savvy – May Edition

Summer is quickly approaching which means one thing: time for home movies. Whether it’s a family vacation, or your own personal outdoor  adventure, if you’re recording it on video, you’re probably editing it as well. You may just be whittling your video down for time, or making sure your highlight reel doesn’t include that embarrassing moment when you got seasick on the boat… we’re not judging. But when it comes to editing your videos, which software is right for you? Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top three picks for video editing software to help get your sharable moments of the summer don’t over share.

Adobe Premiere Elements 12

One of the major drawbacks for a lot of video editing software is how long it takes to get comfortable using it. Unfortunately, that’s the main drawback to this otherwise terrific software. However once you know your way around you’ll find that you have the ability to trim the footage you want and simply place it on the timeline. You can also use a chromakey (green screen), stabilize shaky video, and a ton of other groovy tools that make your home videos look professionally edited. Many of the tools in this software are also found in Adobe’s professional counterpart, Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Elements is overall a great software for video editing, and if you’re already well-versed in using applications like these, it’s definitely a good purchase to make.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X8

This software is little more user friendly for those who aren’t masters of video editing. It has a lot of the same tools that you find on professional software, presented in an easy-to-use format. The applications will definitely suit anyone editing home movies or their latest YouTube pursuit. Some tools however, like color correction and stop motion might be a little more difficult to use for beginners. It’s an excellent software, and there’s little to dislike about it, but for the most bang for your buck we recommend….

CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Deluxe

The gold standard in amateur video editing! Easy-to-use no matter what your skill level is, with an extremely comprehensive list of tools and features. CyberLink has two modes for editing videos: timeline and storyboard. You can switch between these two views at any time during the editing process which makes it very simple to create the video you want no matter how much experience you have. This software also has over 500 tool and effects and a nifty organization system that makes using them intuitive. No doubt about it, for amateur video editing, the CyberLink PowerDirector series is the best software for your money.


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