Real Time Cyber Attacks

So, how many cyber attacks do you think happen every second? Whatever your guess, it’s probably off by quite a bit, and Kapersky has put out a real time cyber attack map to prove it.

That’s right. It’s an interactive map that’s showing cyber attacks in real time.

It seems like Online Security threats are everywhere, and awareness is at an all time high.

And yet, people are more vulnerable to attack than they ever have been. Even if you have great antivirus and antimalware software, you still have to be careful of what you put online. “But I AM careful!” I hear you say. Well, we all try to be. Sometimes you participate in something that seems harmless at first, but is a goldmine for hackers. For instance, ever participate in one of these?:


Did you notice that the name of your first pet and your birth month are usually questions for identity verification or password retrieval? Sure, it may be a longshot that the hacker would go to so much work as to scour your profile, find one of these, and take that info to then get something on you, but you’ve still made it available.

‘Watch Dogs’ from Ubisoft is set to come out on May 27th. The main goal in this game is to hack your way into oblivion, and basically control the city of Chicago. They’ve developed a webpage that measures how vulnerable you are. It’s called your “Digital Shadow”. It may just be a promotional website for a game, but it makes some very valid points about online security.

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