Hump day! Answers for April Fools’ Trivia Tuesday

So, what were your guesses for the April Fools’ edition of Trivia Tuesday? Before I give you the answers, I’d just like to remind everyone about our new time slot. We have moved from Sunday at 4p to SATURDAY at 11a. Please spread the word so nobody feels left out. And, as usual, we invite you to call in with computer, technology, or gaming related questions while we’re on the air, or chat with us under the “Listen Live” tab.

And now, here are the answers for yesterday’s headlines:

1. FALSE – This headline came from the Onion, a known satirical fictional-news site. I should hope that our computing power goes beyond that of one Tetris block…

2. TRUE – A woman actually DID call 911 due to her son’s video game addiction.

3. TRUE – There are apps that utilize GPS and social networking sites to determine where people are so you can avoid them.

4. FALSE – The headline is purely fictional, based off of a story running around Facebook being shared by the masses.

5. TRUE – Unfortunately, this story of parental negligence due to their gaming addiction is true.


(PROTIP: Before sharing a story on Facebook, or any other social site, check or another fact-checking site. A little fact-checking never hurt anyone.) Hope you had fun with our little quiz, and that you didn’t get caught up in too much April Fools’ hullabaloo!

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