The Evolution of Anger and Sadness

I know that trying to please everyone is impossible. Let’s just put that out there, just so everyone knows that I’m aware I cannot please everyone. But I sure do try. I’ve been doing this show for seven years and a few months. In that time there has been evolution of the show. Sometimes because of changes in the people that help me produce the show, or changes to the time slots, or radio stations, or the addition or subtraction of elements of the show. But most importantly when it comes to my show, the changes occur in me. And here is why the show has changed, and what will happen next:

I went through a very dark period in my life a couple of years ago. The details aren’t important for this post, but lets just say that my emotional core was ripped out, and I found myself unable to experience happiness for a time. I also couldn’t feel the love that I had for anyone or anything around me. I managed to make it through each day and each week with the show out of reflex, and force of will alone. I was using the show to help keep me in a sane and rational place, and it felt dishonest. Combine that with a nearly openly hostile relationship with a member of the management at Journal Broadcast Group, and it became impossible to continue the show in its current format. There needed to be change. That change came at a cost. Many listeners still don’t know that we’re back on the air. The last episode of the show on KQTH was removed from the feeds and replaced with James T Harris, so the listeners never got to hear where to keep up with show news.

After nearly a year off, I decided it was time to revive the show on the radio. It has always been important to me to bring technology advice and news to the listeners in a way that can make sense, and provide a place were questions could be asked and honest answers would be given. Sure you could listen to Kommando, and may of you do. But the feedback I get from you on her show is that it’s highly commercialized and the advice given seems to be paid for by the highest bidder. I never wanted my show to become that. I wanted to keep my integrity over the cost of doing the show. This is why we’ve never had a corporate sponsor. I praise people that create great products, people that make life better for all of us in the world of technology. Alternatively, I condemn people and products that hurt us, or seek to rip us off. You listen because you trust me, and I’ll never take that for granted.

Over the last several episodes of the show I’ve been a bit of a downer. One one hand I wish to say I’m sorry for that, on the other hand when the show is all happy and silly (which I like most) I get criticism that I don’t cover the serious topics that face us all. When I cover the more difficult subjects I’m asked why I don’t just cover the tips and advice like I used to. Here I am trying to make everyone happy: I’m starting several YouTube and Podcast channels to cover all the areas I wish to cover. People who are subscribed to Patreon will get access to all of the new Guru Videos and Podcasts. There will be channels that look at the newest products coming out and hands on reviews of software and hardware that you’ll want to buy. It will also host all of the videos and content collected from C.E.S., E3, and other trade shows we visit. There is a channel that will be devoted to discussion with various guest speakers on a multitude of subjects. One week it may be about Bitcoins, another it may be about GamerGate. One channel will exclusively have all of the upcoming GuruShow podcasts posted to youtube for everyone to hear. And the last one is a new series helping to teach all of you how to solve most of your problems on your own. Look for these to start appearing here at the start of the new year.

The radio show will go back to be segmented, and I’ll go back to making the show more fun. I rely on you, though. You have to spread the word, and have people call in, because talking to a microphone really isn’t all the fun for me. I enjoy helping you, live callers, real people.

PS: I feel much better now, and I thank all of you for helping me with that.

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