Podcast S7E25 – Technology hates humanity and wants us to know it

Mike is incensed over a mistake that Verizon has made. We also talk about how technology hates you, and has no problem letting you know. Tara goes over a list of her top 10 classic co-op games for Valentine’s Day. Find the links to what we talked about below, and find the podcast at the […]

Podcast S7E24 – DO NOT go to the Pirate Bay… Regardless of what Anonymous says.

On this episode, there was a bit about Anonymous’ warnings on the resurrection of The Pirate Bay, and a lot of talk on the possibility of the internet being sourced as a public utility. We had a couple listeners call in to give their take on the situation, as well as plenty of chatter in the Live […]

Podcast S7E23 – Mirror, mirror…

A mirror that can tell you what’s wrong with you? That’s right. It’s from Panasonic. We discussed this, the Belfie Stick, Net Neutrality, and more on today’s show. Check out the links and videos below, and find the podcast down at the bottom!

Podcast – S7E20 – All a matter of perspective

  Today on the Computer Guru Show, not only is Tara back, but so are thousands of classic games! Mike gives more love to Elon Musk, Anonymous steps up for ‘Charlie Hebdo’, people all over the place are getting separation anxiety from their phones, and Microsoft is doing away with Internet Explorer. If you’d like […]

S7E19 – Nerd Junkies help bring in the New Year!

  Happy New Year! Mike brings on Clay from the Nerd Junkies to help out on the show, as Tara was out for the week (NOT snowboarding). Mike and Clay review 2014 and the great strides that technology has taken this year, not just in physical form, but also with secrecy, privacy, and net neutrality. […]

Podcast S07E18 – Hacking, monopolies, and #WakeUpSony

Lots to talk about today as the year winds down to a close. The majority of our last show of 2014 was spent on discussing hacking, lulz, and Sony. There have been the issues with ‘The Interview’ and all of the leaked information, but now Sony also has the added headache of PSN being down. […]

Podcast S07E17 – Who’s responsible for the Sony hack?

Sony has been hacked. ‘The Interview’ has been pulled. So has ‘Team America’. But the game ‘Glorious Leader’ lives on… Who’s responsible? North Korea? Or is there someone else… As always, thank you for listening to the show. The Computer Guru Radio Show is for you, the listener, and we love providing that service to […]

Podcast S07E16 – Post Cyber Monday

Did you go shopping online for Cyber Monday? We chatted about the biggest online retail day of the year, and what kind of deals we found. We also discussed an awesome gift list for geeks, the Hour of Code, and took some of your calls, including one rave review from one of our customers! Here’s […]

Podcast S07E11 – Wearable Tech, Faster DSL, and Manuel Noriega!

In this episode, we talked a bit about Nike and Apple deepening their relationship, Microsoft’s awesome wearable tech, and DSL bumping up their service. We also discovered that Spain knows nothing about how Google works, and Manuel Noriega’s lawsuit was dismissed by the judge.

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