Gadget Watch: Rideable Tech

It’s the newest trend in tech right now: rideables. Back to the Future told us that 2015 would have hoverboards, and while we’ve been waiting, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest rideables and the closest we’ve come to a hoverborad so far. Check them out:

The Amazing Tech of E3 2015 – Part One – Virtual Reality Headsets

E3 is all about the games… most of the time. But, the games only get better with the help of better technology. This year, new technology was everywhere as virtual reality makes leaps and bounds forward. In fact, there was so much, we had to break this article into two parts. I had a chance […]

What is a Smart Home and What is Smart Furniture?

Smart Furniture (like smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches, smart jewelry, etc) are, as you could rightly guess, furniture combined with technology such as networking capability that will allow you to extend your furniture beyond its original analogue function. Having a Smart Home entails that various household appliances and objects are connected via your home […]

Japanese Suicide Robot – Fact or fiction? Hint: we got trolled

Recently on the Computer Guru Show we talked about a creepy new Japanese suicide robot called Seppukuma. We reported that Seppukuma was an assisted suicide robot that would help the elderly and terminally ill end their lives through a variety of methods including suffocation, lethal injection and strangulation. We got trolled.

Android M: What you need to know

Google recently announced Android M, which is going to be a version of their Android operating system focused on security and conservation of battery life – essentially the perfect version of the mobile operating system for business people or anyone who uses Android professionally.

MapQuest reportedly shutting down in preparation for MapBox overhaul

We already know that Verizon is acquiring AOL for some $4.4 billion dollars, but now we’re hearing reports that some big changes are coming to AOL products as well. For instance, there seems to be indications that AOL is planning to drastically overhaul their online mapping service, MapQuest.

Tweets are coming to Google search results

Google has just made the announcement that they’ve struck a deal with Twitter which will bring live tweets to search results. This move spans all of the Google search platforms, including desktop, tablet, and phone, and we can expect to start seeing the new results immediately.

What a Girl Wants – Our top 5 Smart Jewelry picks

Looking for a gift for that special someone that will truly wow her? Smart jewelry is one of the newest trends in wearable tech, and although many of our favorite pics are still in the development stage, these nifty devices are more than just useful; they’re stylish. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite […]

Smart Watches: For Which Watch Would One Wish?

2015 is quickly shaping up to be the year of the watch, specifically the smart watch. In this field of wearable tech there are two titans dominating the industry: Apple and Android. Which watch is the one for you? Well, after pouring over reviews and painstakingly researching both items, we may have the side-by-side comparison […]

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