Gadget Watch: Rideable Tech

It’s the newest trend in tech right now: rideables. Back to the Future told us that 2015 would have hoverboards, and while we’ve been waiting, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest rideables and the closest we’ve come to a hoverborad so far. Check them out:

Software Savvy July Edition: Windows 10 vs Windows 7

Coming soon to a computer near you: It’s Windows 10! It’s possible that’s you’re already seeing that Windows 10 icon on your toolbar. If so, you probably have questions, like, “how the hell did Microsoft find me here?” or “Is this upgrade really worth it?” Valid questions, computer user, and we’re here to help. Here […]

What a Girl Wants – Our top 5 Smart Jewelry picks

Looking for a gift for that special someone that will truly wow her? Smart jewelry is one of the newest trends in wearable tech, and although many of our favorite pics are still in the development stage, these nifty devices are more than just useful; they’re stylish. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite […]

Smart Watches: For Which Watch Would One Wish?

2015 is quickly shaping up to be the year of the watch, specifically the smart watch. In this field of wearable tech there are two titans dominating the industry: Apple and Android. Which watch is the one for you? Well, after pouring over reviews and painstakingly researching both items, we may have the side-by-side comparison […]

Video Editing Software – Software Savvy – May Edition

Summer is quickly approaching which means one thing: time for home movies. Whether it’s a family vacation, or your own personal outdoor  adventure, if you’re recording it on video, you’re probably editing it as well. You may just be whittling your video down for time, or making sure your highlight reel doesn’t include that embarrassing […]

Software Savvy – February Edition

Software Savvy- February Edition How to Pick a Parental Control Software That’s Perfect for Your Family Hackers, predators, and pornography, oh my! It’s a brave new world for parents as increasingly tech-savvy kids are growing up in the internet age. It used to be that protecting your children from bullies and predators was limited only […]

The Nyko Playpad is a Swing and a Miss

During E3, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Nyko Playpad. This handy little peripheral claims to be great for use on your mobile devices, turning them into portable consoles. But are they worth the $40? Let’s review.

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