The EM Drive: A Skeptic’s Guide

The EM Drive recently took the internet by storm – the promise of interstellar travel being decades away instead of centuries got all of the Star Trek / Wars fans to take to their respective blogs and cry out with eager abandon. However, very few people stopped to apply real scrutiny to the claims that […]

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

2014 was a year that showed us definitively the importance of catering to mobile viewers on your website. Millions and millions of people have switched to doing the majority of their browsing via a tablet or smartphone, and yet the vast majority of websites still do not make their content more easily accessible to their […]

Real Time Cyber Attacks

So, how many cyber attacks do you think happen every second? Whatever your guess, it’s probably off by quite a bit, and Kapersky has put out a real time cyber attack map to prove it. That’s right. It’s an interactive map that’s showing cyber attacks in real time. It seems like Online Security threats are […]

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