How (not) to manage social media, and other scary tales (Software Savvy – October Edition)

With Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we now have more ways than ever to communicate. Social media has changed the way we relate to each other, and additionally, it’s changed the way that businesses communicate with their customers. With more ways to communicate, there are even more ways to mess it up, and destroy personal relationshis, […]

The Sensationalization of Science Sucks

This month, we’ve had some pretty exciting news in science, specifically in Astronomy and space science in general. The smoking-gun signs of liquid water were discovered on Mars, which is an unprecedented discovery that could very well lead to breakthrough research on Mars’s history and composition. The New Horizons probe continues to reveal insights into […]

One of the last true dreamers

Many people consider the time we live in today to be an exciting one. We’re constantly presented with seemingly new revolutions in technology – whether it’s the latest version of the iPhone, or a stunning new photo from the Hubble telescope, we truly have a sense of living in an age of wonder. However, there’s […]

You shouldn’t be surprised when a website gets hacked

In the midst of the latest huge hack and subsequent leak of private information, it’s hard not to wonder why people are still shocked when these stories break. The hard truth is that no website, server, or data center is 100% safe, and we can expect to see these types of incidents occur as long […]

The Age of Advertising

As technology and the internet in particular become more and more pervasive in our culture, advertising has been ramping up to meet it. It seems like every website, online video, or mobile app is chock full of ads nowadays. But do they actually work, and how invasive will they get before we’ve had enough? More […]

Software Savvy July Edition: Windows 10 vs Windows 7

Coming soon to a computer near you: It’s Windows 10! It’s possible that’s you’re already seeing that Windows 10 icon on your toolbar. If so, you probably have questions, like, “how the hell did Microsoft find me here?” or “Is this upgrade really worth it?” Valid questions, computer user, and we’re here to help. Here […]

Warner Brothers, y u no be happy?

Each year at one of the many events we attend we are shown exclusive things. Things I believe the makers or manufacturers of said things would love for the masses to see. After all, what’s the point of showing the thing to the many people that are attending a massive event other than to be […]

Tandem Victoria – The Future of Reddit

With multiple degrees in software engineering, business and law, Ellen Pao had the perfect resume. Her background along with an interest in technology (she claims to be a driving force behind her former company’s investment in Twitter, among other things), should have made her a titan in tech, and a new hero for women still […]

The Amazing Tech of E3 2015 – Part One – Virtual Reality Headsets

E3 is all about the games… most of the time. But, the games only get better with the help of better technology. This year, new technology was everywhere as virtual reality makes leaps and bounds forward. In fact, there was so much, we had to break this article into two parts. I had a chance […]

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