Android M: What you need to know

Google recently announced Android M, which is going to be a version of their Android operating system focused on security and conservation of battery life – essentially the perfect version of the mobile operating system for business people or anyone who uses Android professionally.

At the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, they also gave us a preview of the software. Android M will launch initially on the Google flagship Nexus devices, including their phones and tablets. It’s unclear now whether the platform will be available for non-Nexus Android devices, but it’s already been slated for a launch later this year.

One of the main issues that smart phone (and tablet) users face is the battery-hogging features which reduce their devices to a few hours of real, hard use time. This is a major inconvenience for people who use these devices in a business context, and many people find themselves having to lug around extra batteries or charging banks. Android M will aim to relieve at least some of that, with a stripped-down software suite which focuses on keeping that device powered up for longer.

In addition to the battery life improvements, Android M will look to be a more secure version of the Android platform. Taking cues from the developers of rooted Android platforms like Cyanogenmod, Android M will offer better control over what information apps have access to, as well as support biometrics like fingerprint and retina scanners.

We’re sure that more information will be released about Android M in the coming months, but for now, it’s definitely a news item to keep an eye on.

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