Body Cams, Drones, The Future of Location Privacy

Season 9, Episode 40 | June 17, 2017

This week Mike and Rob discuss whether or not police body cam footage should be public record, who should (and shouldn’t) be allowed to fly drones, and what the future of location privacy could look like in a world where your phone is tracked without a warrant.

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Voat Needs A Little Help, /r/The_Donald Goes Dark

Season 9, Episode 37 | May 20, 2017

Our favorite free speech platform, Voat, needs a little help to keep going. Besides just talking about tech news, we also spend a little time this week talking about Voat and why you should go use it. We’re also discussing Reddit’s Donald Trump community going dark, ┬ámore WannaCry info, and as usual, taking your calls […]

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