Let’s Talk About Equifax

Season 1, Episode E0 | September 9, 2017

This week we’re dedicating the entire episode to discussing the recent breach of 143 million Americans’ personal information thanks to Equifax.

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Holographic Phones, Phones Sans Headphone Jack + More

Season 9, Episode 46 | August 7, 2017

This week on the Computer Guru Show, Mike and Tara talk the new holographic phone by Red, as well as Google’s apparent hypocrisy in removing the headphone jack from the Pixel 2. Also up for discussion are human DNA edits using CRISPR, the arrest of┬áMarcus Hutchins (MalwareTech), and more.

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We’ll Be Right Back!

Season 9, Episode 45 | July 29, 2017

This week we’re not in the studio (sorry!), but we put together a compilation of some of our favorite calls, discussions, and rant segments from the last few years of the Computer Guru Show. We hope you enjoy it, and we’ll be back next week!

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